My Favourite YouTube Musicians—Underrated Talent

Rebecca Black? Who? That overnight one-hit disaster that woke up famous one day thanks to her music video that is (possibly) the worst music video ever? Why does she get all the exposure? I can name a number of internet celebrities who deserve exposure way more than she does…. here’s a few.

On Tuesday April 5, 2011 I attended(watched a live-stream video online) my first ever live show on The show was hosted by Jimmy Wong, a 24-year-old YouTube musician and actor living in Los Angeles. The music he arranges and produces is amazing! He also has a beautiful voice and plays a number of instruments. Attending the live show allowed me to see a different side of Jimmy, after all there’s only so much recorded videos can tell you about a person. From the show, I’ve come to respect Jimmy as an artist that is both kind and talented, with a witty sense of humour. He was also kind enough to let a few fellow YouTubers co-host the show periodically, making cameos and joking around with Jimmy. This included Alexander Carpenter, Meghan (aka strawburry17), Kaleb Nation, and Luke Conard.

Here’s a taste of Jimmy.

Meghan Tonjes is another YouTube musician I’d like to draw attention to. She has appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show, and founded a channel called Project Lifesize, a channel where women who don’t fit the typical body image of a thin woman upload video logs about their life and how they get through the struggle of looking different and being perfectly okay with it. What is particularly unique about her is that Meghan has this refreshing confidence in herself and who she is. She writes her own music and does weekly request covers of songs people ask her to sing. She is amazing at what she does, and her voice range is pretty awesome. Despite the fact that she isn’t a size 2, she is definitely beautiful inside and out.

So with just a taste of the wonderful talent hidden on YouTube, can anyone explain to me why someone like Rebecca Black deserves so much fame? I know she’s not “hated because she’s famous, but famous because she’s hated,” but still! She’s even made a large number of sales for her song on iTunes… I think it was an amazing stroke of luck that she got so much exposure, be it good or bad. I just really wish that it was easier for those that do have talent to make an impact on the music industry and have their voices and abilities acknowledged. Not because fame is what they  need, but the opportunity to grow as musicians and/or artists definitely accompanies exposure a large audience.

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3 thoughts on “My Favourite YouTube Musicians—Underrated Talent

  1. Sara says:

    I was surprised and delighted by Jimmy wongs chorus. The word are cute. He does have an awesome voice.

    • turnthrice says:

      Sorry for the late reply, my finals are this week so I’ve been busy ^^;; Hehe yes, I didn’t expect the chorus to be so.. heart-warmingly silly haha. I especially loved how he reacted to the video positively, where many other video responses to her comments were negative.

  2. Mental Xpress says:

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