Dear Stranger, I think you look like a good person

Dear stranger, forgive me forbeing unexperienced when it cones to identifying instruments by their cases. That’s a bass clarinet you say? This is actually my first time seeing one in a case. I’ve seen one in my high school concert band, but it was being played by a student. You look a lot like the leader of the Rhino group that ran for student council this year, the group that had the false platform, meant to increase student participation in student body elections. I remember the leader’s personal statement involved claims he was a digital being, sent to destroy Earth and send us all into an apocalyptic chaos unless elected for president. Perhaps you are he?

I actually saw you again the next day. But I left quickly before you noticed me, I think. It surprised me to see you again. Since I saw you in my school’s physics building, I’m assuming you’re a science student, like me. I wonder if we’ll meet again.

What really interested me about you was the knowledgable, sophisticated feel you gave off. Perhaps that was because you were holding a bass clarinet case. Being a former concert band musician during high school, I guess I respected you for continuing your classical interest. In high school, the concert band wasnt exactly the most prestigious club, and often the least impressive of the arts. Nonetheless, I felt that the band members were pretty close, compared to other high school clubs I’d taken part of. Everyone was quite friendly, and we had such random and interesting people.

Though that description might be a form of prejudice, it was not for the worse that  I felt perhaps if I got to know you we would get along well. Every first impression comes with it some sort of prejudice. It’s only when we let that prejudice get in the way of getting to know that person does our intuition fail us. They say first impressions are very important because they are what lasts in the minds of others, but I think as long as you don’t use that impression to discriminate someone, it’s perfectly fine to have a wrong first impression. After you do get to know that person, assuming you become friends with them, their real personality should dispel any sort of prejudice you had before. The first impression will make a funny memory to share with your friend to-be. I’ve had my share of false first impressions; in fact, most first impressions are probably wrong anyways. I once thought  acquaintance of mine, who was a mutual friend, was a sour person because I had seen him often with a scowl on his face. As soon as I got to know the person better, it turns out he wasn’t nearly as pessimistic as I thought he might be.

So think what you will when you meet someone new, but don’t ever deny them the chance to disillusion your first impression before you decide you want nothing to do with that person, or vise versa.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Stranger, I think you look like a good person

  1. Sara says:

    Very thoughtfully said. It sounds like this bass clarinet person wrote you off for some reason? Without even giving you a chance? I hate when people do that. Its there loss.

    • turnthrice says:

      Hehe, well he didn’t right me off persay, but he definitely didn’t try to engage in conversation. I was a little disappointed, I wanted to know if he was in a concert band or something. Shame, but oh well. There will be other opportunities to meet other random people 😀

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