Something I wish I could buy from vending machines

by laughlin

This post was in response to a prompt entitled  from I discovered the site recently and decided to give it a try!

I wish vending machines offered advice. Can you imagine that? Going up to a complete stranger to whom you pay a dollar to listen to your problems and give his/her thoughts. Mind you, I can very well see the many ways this idea would go wrong.

They way I envision this would be similar to the carnival fortune-teller machines that you may have seen in television shows. An advice vending machine would look like a booth and have a person inside whom would just sit and listen to your problem then offer you some (hopefully) useful words of wisdom.

The first and biggest problem with this is that the advice-giver may not give the kind of advice you want. When people express their problems to others, they generally do so for one of two reasons: they have a lot of thoughts on their mind that they just want to say out loud or they have thought so hard/long they want someone else to help them come to a conclusion.

For me, receiving advice means getting a new perspective. I want a person to tell me not what I want to hear, but another way to interpret or understand my thoughts. I dislike it most when people just tell me what I should think, using phrases like “Well, it happens to everybody. Don’t worry about it.”

I believe the reason I felt compelled to suggest an advice dispenser in response to this prompt was because good advice doesn’t come easily. How great would it be to have the convenience of advice for your greatest worries and thoughts at the insertion of a few coins? Maybe this occurred to me because I have yet to find someone whom I think gives me really good advice (besides my mother). The people I choose to ask for advice from vary depending on the nature of the situation, but I think what I’m looking for is someone I can consult universally about anything that bothers me.

…Does such a person even exist?

Hmm. I need to give my mom a call tomorrow.

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5 thoughts on “Something I wish I could buy from vending machines

  1. Karen says:

    At first I thought: well that’s what you pay a psychologist or some such person to do, only you pay them A LOT more than a pound or dollar or whatever 🙂 then I remembered that the only thing they do is ask what you think. They don’t advise you at all really 🙂

    And yes, I think the vending machine could be a good idea but for me, my mom is ALWAYS the best person to ask!

    • turnthrice says:

      Hehe, I’ve actually talked to some of my friends who are studying clinical psychology and they actually DO do more than ask you what you think! XD But indeed, it’s great having a mom to ask for advice. I guess I’m just at an age where sometimes I feel a little awkward asking my mom about things I feel she might not be able to relate to. 😛

      • Karen says:

        Hmmm do they really hehehe. I sometimes ask my mom things that I think will be totally embarrassing to her (even at my age LOL) but she always seems ready for anything that comes out of my mouth, takes it in her stride and offers me the best advice! Great post by the way 😀

      • turnthrice says:

        Sounds like you two have a great relationship 🙂 I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask my mom for advice more often. I am very grateful to even be able to ask for advice at all. Thank you for reading!

      • Karen says:

        You’re welcome 🙂 and have a lovely day!

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