Police dog released on mother with baby stroller at Anaheim

Anaheim, California: the place where a police attack dog was released on a mother and her baby stroller (see 1:25 for the scene followed by a short comment from the mother).

So this happened, and I am beyond appalled. The families were reportedly having a community picnic to discuss a future rally in support of  Manuel Diaz who was shot by police. According to Sgt. Bob Dunn, the department’s spokesman, the crowd advanced on officers and threw bottles as the officers investigated the scene of a second shooting that killed Joel Acevedo. The police officers then fired bean bags and pepper balls at the crowd.  According to Anaheim Sgt. Bob Dunn, Diaz  was  “one of three men who ran away from officers who approached them in an alley,” which lead to the fatal shooting.

Oh, and that police dog? Dunn said the dog somehow got out of a patrol car and was “deployed accidentally.”

Of course, the situation must  be looked at from all sides. According to a few sources, police say Diaz was a known gang member. This would give reason for him to run from the police perhaps in fear of being caught for being involved in gang-related crimes. I still cannot understand how this would justify the murder of Diaz. According to the news report, Diaz was approached in an alley and shot while he ran away, but a video of the incident shows that Diaz’s head was covered in blood, raising doubts about whether the police’s actions were justified.

Though if you’re looking for justification, you might find a few questionable theories if you read the comments on the Yahoo news article, where “illegal immigrant” is used in many of them. What basis is there to support this claim that Diaz was an illegal immigrant? Ah, yes, we have this undoubtedly valid piece of evidence : his Latino name. (/sarcasm)

I may not live in the USA, but where I am from we call this discrimination. I am very well aware many view illegal immigration as a prime issue in the US and there are valid reasons for which I will not argue with, but to instantly assume that Manuel Diaz was an illegal immigrant is absolutely ignorant and unforgivable.  No matter the situation of Manuel’s criminal history or legal status in the US, police opened fire on children and “accidentally” unleashed a police dog. You cannot argue against these facts. It is absolutely absurd for a police officer to wield a weapon he/she cannot control, what makes it any different if that ‘tool’ was a dog?

All in all, I’m really not sure what to think of this whole situation. I still cannot wipe the grime off the idea that a child was shot because police knowingly fired into that crowd.

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6 thoughts on “Police dog released on mother with baby stroller at Anaheim

  1. “No matter the situation of Manuel’s criminal history or legal status in the US, police opened fire on children and “accidentally” unleashed a police dog.” <– That is absolutely true. They always spin things to try to make themselves look more favorable. But it's not fair to discriminate. What they did was uncalled for and dangerous. Idk about police officers sometimes… 😦

    • turnthrice says:

      It’s really hard to know who is telling the truth when it comes to the media. How sad it is that we even feel the need to doubt the people sworn to protect us 😦 Regardless, thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. Sick of criminals having more rights then the innocent says:

    The crowd almost started a riot- the cops lives were in danger. LA has a cluster of a police dept because they have no money or leadership. The state is beyond repair and people are surprised when situations like this occur? I usually don’t step on the side of blue, but gang members really shouldn’t be given any sympathy nor should the people who support them. Shoot to kill the way they do and save the tax payers the money they cost us in the revolving door of a legal system. Enough is enough. They should all be burned out of their crack houses and shot- do not pass go, do not collect you welfare check, do not sell drugs to our kids or smuggle you cousins in illegally. Cut them out like a cancer. As far as the dog- he was doing what he was trained to do.

    • turnthrice says:

      I definitely agree with you with regards to police taking action. It’s expected and correct of them to step in when situations like this get out of hand. However, I cannot agree with their method. The police can and should use force to control a dangerous situation, but only as much as is necessary. Shooting at families with children was not necessary.

      I don’t agree with your point regarding the lifestyle of gang members. I feel like your description of gang members is generalized. It’s inaccurate to imply that every person that gets welfare, sells drugs, or tries to smuggle in relatives illegally is a gang member. Yes, gang violence/crime is bad and ruins many lives, but I’d rather look at the circumstances that drive people to resort to such lifestyles versus deciding they should be dead right off the bat.

      I believe poverty is directly related to crime, so by providing more resources to prevent people from falling into poverty, gang related activity can be reduced. After all, US poverty have hit its highest level since the 1960’s. That being said, I’m very much aware my take on this is more idealistic than I’d like it to be.

      The dog was indeed doing what it was trained to do, but if you look at the video, that police officer had a really rough time handling it. I don’t think the officer was as well-trained in handing the police dog as he should have been if he was preparing to use the dog.

      Thanks for commenting! You shared some really good points… sorry about my long reply :S

  3. Lydia H says:

    Even if he were in the country illegally, that doesn’t give free hand to shoot him. I don’t know the specifics of the story. I would hope that there was some threat to the safety of the officers or public involved making discharge of weapons needed. Police are supposed to use their firearms as the last step in the escalation of force.

    As for immigration, I don’t care if people want to come here. I do want them to follow the laws, including coming into the country legally. Any country should have the right to say no to an applicant, if needed, for example someone with a criminal history. The immigrants should also have skills to be able to work and preferrably a sponsor and job lined up. My mom immigrated to the US. She was a permenent resident (marriage) allowed to work until she was in her 60s when she decided to get citizenship. SHe had to follow the law, so should others.

    • turnthrice says:

      I agree with you on all your points. I felt the situation did not call for the use of firearms, based on what I’ve read on the story so far.

      You’re right, the law should be respected by all, new immigrants and domestic residents alike. It’s expected for there to be repercussions when the law is broken, but I think the discrepancy with this situation involves the fact that we’re not sure what to do when we believe law-enforcers have been breaking the law.

      Thanks for the comment!

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