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Conformity — Do you pass the elevator test?

Conformity; the unwritten, unenforced laws that everyone obeys. Yes, that means you, too. For example, When you step into an elevator, which way do you face? After pondering for a few seconds, your answer is likely the elevator doors. Why? Have you ever tried facing the back of the elevator? There’s nothing that says you cannot; go try it. How about asking someone on the bus for their seat, no matter how many empty seats there are available? Cutting in line during the morning Tim Horton’s rush?

Chances are you will feel very uncomfortable doing any of these small acts of out-of-the-norm behaviour. You may even break a sweat. You feel this discomfort because of the bonds of conformity, your instinct to be one with the crowd. But why do we conform? Why do we care so much about what other people think?

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