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Spring time is daylight saving time… wait what’s that for again?

I know it’s spring when the first thing I hear in the morning is the chirping of birds outside my bedroom window. Bird songs are my favourite part of spring, especially after the silence that can be winter. Not that the silence cannot be beautiful in its own way, but that’s a topic I’m a bit late to write about.

Another mark of the beginning of spring is when daylight saving time begins. Daylight saving time; that lovely hour of sleep lost in the human  attempt to efficiently match the hours of the day with the altering levels of sun exposure the Earth receives as it orbits around the sun (well actually, this statement changes for different parts of the world). Mind you, I’m not an astronomer so I cannot explain nor do I fully understand the history of daylight saving.

So I decided to Wiki it to learn get a basic idea. It turns out that there is a lot of controversy on the topic. Back when daylight saving time was first implemented, it was meant to be a means for which people could save fuel in the evenings, when incandescent lights were still the norm. There’s a lot of conflicting reports, however, as to whether or not it is actually worth the loss of sleep. Continue reading

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