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Law enforced to lift outdoor-clotheslines ban…. wait, what?

Passing laws to prevent the banning of outdoor-clotheslines is nothing new in the nations that are Canada and America. I recently came across an article that discussed the controversy surrounding outdoor-clotheslines, and I have to say I’m shocked at how stupid it all is. The article discussed how in 2008, the Ontario premier enforced a law to lift  outdoor-clotheslines bans. (Forgive me for being a few years late on this, but I just saw this and had to write about it)

According to the video featured in the article,   bans are often enforced because some home buyers feel more comfortable buying homes in a neighbourhood where they don’t have to look at drying underwear. For the record, my family has been hanging out our laundry in the backyard for a longtime, and I can safely say that I’ve seen my neighbours’ laundry hang in their backyards as well. Not because we’re poor or rude, but because when the weather’s hot and the sun can dry clothes almost as well as any dryer machine, why not? (It should be noted, as it is on Wikipedia, that this view on clothes lines only applies to a small percentage of people, and does not represent universal views on clothes lines) It actually wasn’t the government who had banned it in the first place, but it was the building developers. They wanted to appeal to people who don’t want to look at their neighbours’ underwear hanging in their backyards. I personally think that this was a bit extreme in the first place. Continue reading

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