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My Favourite YouTube Musicians—Underrated Talent

Rebecca Black? Who? That overnight one-hit disaster that woke up famous one day thanks to her music video that is (possibly) the worst music video ever? Why does she get all the exposure? I can name a number of internet celebrities who deserve exposure way more than she does…. here’s a few.

On Tuesday April 5, 2011 I attended(watched a live-stream video online) my first ever live show on Vokle.com. The show was hosted by Jimmy Wong, a 24-year-old YouTube musician and actor living in Los Angeles. The music he arranges and produces is amazing! He also has a beautiful voice and plays a number of instruments. Attending the live show allowed me to see a different side of Jimmy, after all there’s only so much recorded videos can tell you about a person. From the show, I’ve come to respect Jimmy as an artist that is both kind and talented, with a witty sense of humour. He was also kind enough to let a few fellow YouTubers co-host the show periodically, making cameos and joking around with Jimmy. This included Alexander Carpenter, Meghan (aka strawburry17), Kaleb Nation, and Luke Conard.

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