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Dear Stranger

The other day I had a random encounter with a stranger. As I sat down in the cafeteria with my sushi and cup of cheesecake, I realized I had forgotten to grab a set of chopsticks for my sushi. There was a girl sitting a few seats away from my along the linear table. I asked her to watch my things, and she conceded. When I came back I smiled a thanks and proceeded to eat my meal. At some point she gathered her stuff and began to leave. I didn’t take much note of it, but I couldn’t help but notice from the corner of my peripheral vision that she was taking a bit long to gather her things. She got up and passed behind me, and to my surprise approach me from my other shoulder. She asked, “So what faculty are you in?” to which I replied “Science.” We struck up some small talk, and I told her I was in first year, and she told me she was a student in the Accounting and Financial Management program. Soon after we began to talk, and before I could give her my name, she said she had to leave. She bid farewell politely, and walked away a little anxiously, seemingly unsure of herself.

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